Friday, March 7, 2014

the wedding i'd have if I was marrying myself

Luckily my fiance and I have similar tastes and have been agreeing a lot throughout this whole process, but there are still a few wedding things that, since there are two of us here, I recline back in my chair and nod (the head-tilt kind of nod) and pretend there aren't glitter machines going off in my fantasy-head.  But a girl can daydream.  Here are what some of those daydreams look like.  And a lot of it comes from the simple search of: wedding + glitter.

 This is the perfect cake. Gets me every time.

 And just because I've been in love with this dress for years..

 So basically, I'd be a ballerina.

And I would definitely be wearing this if we were getting married in the winter...Oh geez, a Christmas wedding, slay me...

And if you don't like glitter...

Of course Garbage would be mine and mine's wedding band.

Oh what? More pink, and gold, and glitter???

 Extreme Southern.

 And this tablecloth....!!!

Basically, I would live in a dollhouse and the wedding would be a tea-party.  Although now that I look at all of this together I'm getting a bit sea-sick.  I used to dream of this awesome Washington state wedding in the forest and at the reception bands would play and everyone would have little x's on their hands as a salute to my youth...sigh...And then in between sets people could go up and play if they felt like it. And it would be a big music fest with tequila and tacos. More on nostalgia later.   I've actually realized that music aside (since it looks like we are having a DJ instead of a band- but hey, we can make them play whatever we want), our real wedding is seeming more and more like my Washington state wedding, minus the forest, add the flatirons.   Oh shit.  What would be awesome is if everyone jumped in the creek afterwards and we got amazing pictures of it at night, under the moon...


  1. Yes to the gold painted wedding cake. YES YES to the ballerina dress and shoes! YES YES YES to the glittery dress (ballerina of course!). I am now married 4-1/2 years and I still daydream of the glittery garden anniversary party with a circus theme. Yep.
    I live in Seattle, that's close to the forest, let's throw a party!!!!
    And also, I just started following your blog too! <3

    1. Ummm yes I just saw from your APW comment that you live in Seattle - and SERIOUSLY that is my favorite place on the earth. I am so jealoussssss!! My favorite thing to do in the world is to roadtrip from LA to Seattle. Sigh. In the next year I am definitely doing it again (as a i-got-married present to myself). So jealous!! :) :)