Sunday, March 9, 2014

you came in with the breeze

It's a really beautiful Sunday morning.  The mornings are my favorite time of the day.  They are so hopeful and still and right now I can hear the birds out the window and the chickens across the street.

I've been having crazy dreams all week with about a million story lines.  Last night's involved Rachel Maddow in a wetsuit in a shopping mall as a tsunami crashed through the walls.  So there's that.  I haven't had the dreams where I wake up uneasy in awhile, but this week my imagination has been going wild on the playground.  They don't really bother me anymore; I wake up and kind of say "I know, psyche...things are changing, it's huge" and go make coffee and breakfast for the fiance.  I mean, I do love Rachel Maddow though, but, you know.

We hit our three month countdown two days ago- holy crap, we still have lots to do.  I'm so ready to do this already, I just want to be married! And pretend to go buy a house in Nashville and "live off the land" and get to be Southern all the time.  J was looking at houses on Trulia (as we usually do for fun) in Nashville and geez the prices there are soooo friendly.  A big ol house (heck, even a small one, I don't care) with land, bunches of rescue animals...lots of sweet tea...WINTER, a fireplace, oh my.  Although I have always thought being close to the ocean was always a necessity for me (and J too probably).  I'm sure it's just the grass is greener syndrome.  I do love LA.  It's my home.  I take the beauty with the bullshit and the dreams with the douchebags.  I like being somewhere I can, for the most part, count on being progressive and having opportunities for art.  I like the idea that people move here from everywhere to follow their dreams, and eventually, end up on the street selling meth after one too many lip injections....

Adorable...and this house would be twice as much (at least) if it were in LA.  One day I will have a wrap around porch.

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  1. three months! good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out (but it won't).

    That house is really cute. I moved from an expensive place I loved (Juneau AK) to a moderately priced place I have (slowly) grown to like (Rochester NY) and I will say that being in a modest housing market is awesome. You can get so much more for your money. The house we have now would probably be three times the price in AK and 10 in DC.

    I also think the "you make more in more expensive places" is kind of a croc. I think we would make similar amounts no matter where we lived (maybe slightly more but no way we'd make up the difference in buying power).

    That being said, there is something about living somewhere you love, that fills your soul. I loved Alaska, it felt like home. I am finding things I like about upstate NY but it has been a work in progress, it wasn't instantaneous or easy. You often pay a premium for living in such lovely places b/c everyone else wants to live there too.