Thursday, March 13, 2014

three months

So we are THIS close to being done with our invitations, as in, ordering them.  I am soooo not a computer girl.  I haven't had an ounce of stress about the planning stuff until last night when we got an email back from Minted saying we had to replace/fix two of the pictures we are using.  After spending hours on Tuesday trying to find pictures that fit their requirements...I'm letting J handle that.  I wanted to throw their email to outer space.  Little things like that really stress me out.  Britney without underwear? No stress.  But having to "resize" or contact a photographer about using a picture...GO AWAY.  It will be such a relief when these suckers are sent out; I'll feel a lot less behind.  Three months!!

Also getting really close to finalizing bridesmaids' shit.  They're going to look so cute and cool.  I'm excited about being a bridesmaid in the future.  I told Squish (my best friend) that I can't wait to be hers; I will do all the fucking planning - I'll be Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada but the nice version and there will be floral wallpaper.  I felt like I was an expert at all this stuff since I've been reading A Practical Wedding going on 2.5 years..but when it's on YOUR plate it feels a bit different.  But I really do love it. I love wedding stuff.  I just wish I had bridal troops.  I wish my best friends lived there, and I know J feels the same.  It would be nice to get to plan *with* your bridesmaids instead of emailing from so far away.  But I'm so lucky I had two of them to go dress shopping with me.  Ohmygod am I still rambling about this?? Sorry, there's coffee involved.

In case you're having a rough morning....

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