Thursday, January 23, 2014

bridesmaids, flowers, and the promise of burritos.

So it's Thursday and I just slept until 1pm.  1:08 actually.  I never do that.  It was J's day off, so that means its my day off (usually), and right now I'm sitting in my Christmas PJs (I will never abandon you) waiting for her to bring us back some burritos for breakfast.  I've been getting up pretty early every morning and haven't really slept in in awhile, so I guess, yeah, I'm glad.

Bridesmaids dresses are really frustrating.  I have all of these pins of dresses I like on Pinterest, yet I cannot find where you actually buy them or who makes them anywhere.  I did track down my dream dresses -FINALLY- only to find that a designer girl makes them and she makes nothing cheaper than 1,000.  Dollars, that is.  What?!? Ok I'm hoping to find dresses definitely under 100, ideally under 50.

Here is a picture of my crushed dreams:

I want to just stumble upon the perfect unique dresses without even trying, like in some magical DIY movie.  It's crazy that this whole thing is in like 5 months.  I know it will fly by.  Oh, and can I mention how expensive flower-people are?? And planners?? I really want to try to do a lot ourselves, together, like the Bridal Brigade APW always talks about, but it's complicated since we are so far away from the location.  I'd actually love to look into more community/DIY flower options like this too (Whole Foods too, since Trader Joe's isn't in Boulder) , but I don't want to be stressing about if the flowers are going to die, and all that, because my flowers like to die.  BUT I mean if it means saving 2000 dollars, hell yes.  I'm excited about trying to find ways to DIY this thing anyway, since it's not like we can load up the car and transport lots of stuff easily.  

We've got soooo much to do in five months.  But I'd rather do everything all scrunched together than to drag this sucker out, especially since I have a really flexible schedule and can do lots of research and planning.  

I took a break in writing this post to eat vegan taquitos with beans and guacamole and a burrito and have  some coffee.  Wish I could wrap this thing up with some wit or closure, but not happening.  


  1. I do love those dresses! I love how none of the dresses are the same but they work so well together!

    I actually went with the "pick your own black dress" option. I just told my three bridesmaids to pick a black knee length cocktail dress. My sister then asked if she could wear a color and since everything goes with black and white I said sure. They all loved it, my sister got a new dress but my cash-strapped bridesmaids wore something they already had.

    Looking back I am happy with my choice, I haven't once looked at the pictures and wished they were wearing matching dresses, I just remember how happy I was that day to be surrounded by the friends I love most. Good luck!

    1. Yeah see I am kind of planning on "pick your own dress" type thing, I want them all to be different, but they are all pretty busy and I also don't want to put the burden on them. I've told them to send me pictures of anything they find that they like (thank God for cell phones with cameras nowadays) and I've been looking too. Way harder than I thought. I've been looking on Etsy a lot...

      Do you have a post of your wedding on your blog??

  2. We used Little Borrowed Dress. Great service, and it was $50 for the rentals. Did the dresses fit perfectly? No. But it's nothing you notice in photos, and all the girls assured me they were plenty comfortable :)