Friday, January 10, 2014

saved the date! THANK GOD

Soooo we almost had a wedding meltdown yesterday.  I was about to rush-order Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron (seriously on my list though) because things almost fell apart.

So around Christmas time, in the midst of the family chaos, we got a lovely handwritten holiday card from our new wedding coordinator lady.  Apparently the woman we had been working with, who we signed the contract with and who gave us the tour and all that jazz was no longer working there.  I mean, that was fine, we had no personal attachment to her - and plus, this new girl sent us a handwritten note. I continue to believe that we are the only couple she sent it to. Because she loves us.

We had a phone meeting scheduled for yesterday morning to meet her/go over things/yadda yadda.  Well....during that phone call something came up about the ceremony itself- which is planned in the front lawn, right in front of the mountains, right in front of the dining hall where the reception will be.  We were then told that the front lawn/ceremony location is booked through the city of Boulder, and not through Chautauqua Park itself.  Um.  What. The. Fuck????  As in, we were NEVER told this.  When we were given the tour back in August, the lady took us to the ceremony spot and everything saying this is where people usually do it, and never ever ever mentioned that it's booked separately.  We had the impression it was (obviously) inclusive.  Because , ya know, that's why we even picked that location.  To have our ceremony outdoors at the foot of the mountains.  And that the reception is right there, a few feet away, at the dining hall.  The new wedding coordinator apologized for the *mistake* of the previous coordinator.  She called the lady at the city and found out the ceremony location was booked.  Except for 8am-12noon, which could not work for us.  We put down the deposit back in September for this place (not knowing the ceremony location wasn't included) and here we were, finding out five months before our wedding, that it's not available.  There were tears.

Holy shit things almost got bad.  Well they did get bad for a second.  There was no other date except August, which, um NO.  And, are you kidding me?  We are having to stress out and consider re-scheduling our whole wedding because of the ex-wedding coordinator's mistakes??  We told her we had to think and call her back.  Luckily, J is good at making things happen.  After a mini-freak out, she called the lady at the city herself and explained the whole situation and asked was there anything we could do, because we HAVE to get married at the location we picked.  The whole reason for us traveling to Colorado to get married.  There suddenly was a break in the clouds and Jesus and Buddha and Barbara Walters all came down to save us.

A couple had booked it from 1-5 and we could have it from 5-6.  Which meant, quick turn around.  J asked the lady if she could contact the other couple on our behalf to see if we could talk with them about everything, see what options we had.  We got a call last night from the other bride.  She's totally open to split chair rentals so that there's less breakdown and set up between our ceremonies.  They are hoping to start their ceremony at 4:15, and ours will probably be around 5:30.  Luckily, since it's an outdoor ceremony, the decor will be pretty simple since nature is already carrying a lot of the weight for us.  Looks like we are saved.  And thank freaking God.  I know "these things happen" but GEEZ.  We almost just lost everything.  I can't get over how unacceptable what happened was.

So luckily, things are back to good.  Phew.  I have a problem solving fiance.

We ended the night with yummy pizza and beer and scotch with J's brother.  His wife and kids are in Mexico for vacation so he came over to hang out, which, I don't think has ever happened.  I know it was good for J to have time with her brother one on one (well, I was there too).  And it's always good to have time with pizza.  Pizza fixes everything.

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