Thursday, January 2, 2014


The first day of the new year softened and sugarcoated the blow of Christmas quite a bit - thank you Universe!  On New Year's Eve I spent some time journaling and loosening up some things inside myself, and felt lighter and softer by the evening.  The significant other (I might start calling her siggy on here) and I had a sushi date at our regular place...I love having places where they know us and what drinks we get.  We hadn't been there in forever and it was so good to end our year with a lychee martini and sushi (veggie sushi for me of course) because yes, the pope is still Catholic.  Unfortunately once we got home, I started getting really hellish cramps and nausea and couldn't bare the thought of the nice bottle of champagne we had planned for the night.  I was sent downstairs to our dark bedroom with a bottle of boiling water for my stomach (genius idea by siggy since we don't have a heating pad and hot wash cloths end up cold and wet..).  At midnight she came downstairs to give me a kiss and a hug.

The next day we slept in, and by that I mean I woke up at 7:30 and took the dog out, and then laid in bed awake for two hours while she slept till almost noon ;)  We watched the Rose Parade and then were going to go to brunch at my favorite restaurant ever in our neighborhood: Flore.  It's all vegan and organic and can I get an Amen for vegan benedict with hollandaise sauce and the whole shebang?  Or for vegan southern comfort breakfast plate which includes veggie crispy chicken and waffles and hashbrowns??  HEELLLL YESSSSS.  Well, we got there fifteen minutes before brunch ended and they were all out of the brunch food.  I was not happy.  But I got happy soon when we decided to go to another cute outdoor cafe and we somehow magically got put at a table even though there was a line of about a million people in front of us?  I guess the Universe was making up for it's fuck-up at Flore. (And yes, I know I sound like a horrible privileged person with that common, and please know I am kidding...ALTHOUGH, when you are on your period you are allowed to say things like that always).  We had mimosas and J snuck pictures of the LA mayor who was a few tables away.  We then took the puppy on a long walk through a gorgeous neighborhood in the hills by the reservoir where we usually walk.  It's our dream place to live, the houses are amazing...I love doing that together because our first "date" consisted of going to a vegan ice cream shop and then driving through neighborhoods looking at houses (and imagining living in them together, but you know, we couldn't say that then).  We caught a great view of the first sunset of the year as well.  

We came home and for dinner I made a black-eyed pea soup for good luck.  Before meeting me, J was unaware that you must eat black-eyed peas on New Years day for good luck.  It's a Southern thing.  The soup was actually really good- with a chipotle tomato base, onions, garden peas, black eyed peas, pepper, garlic, and a little vegan butter and curry powder.  

(with Champagne)

Oh Oh Oh and THEN.  We did what everyone else is doing. For the first time . We watched our first episode of Scandal.  Holy cow.  We both loved it right away.  Now I understand the hype.  The one thing that rubbed us both the wrong way was the dynamic between Olivia and the President.  As in, how so far at least they are making her this kick ass strong woman but then totally weak around this guy that cheats on his wife...the whole "don't touch me, don't touch me" but he does anyway because "that's what she really wants" and I mean, he knows better right?  Ugh, I hate seeing that dynamic splashed everywhere in the media.  It's not healthy to show this amazing woman but that she is still at the mercy of someone else.  Maybe they will develop their relationship more, or we will find out so much more that will explain it or make us agree with it or something, but the second he grabbed her and tried to seduce her against her will, I bristled and was like "really? you gotta go there?" because I was loving this show!  When that happened, I would pray her response would be to spit in his face or something. Oh well.  

As far as resolutions go...mine are pretty simple:
1.  Challenge myself to stay open and vulnerable even if I'm resistant to it or it's uncomfortable.  To push through those walls.
2.  Advance my career, make the most of opportunity.
3.  Let my courage be greater than my fear. (stole that line)
4.  Continue to learn about unconditional love for myself and for my partner, to practice love from my highest, most pure self.  
5.  To be a better friend.
6.  To get resourceful and creative about making money.
7.  Conquer my fear of flying (flying across ocean for honeymoon!)
8.  Get married, obviously.
9. Not give up on this blog- be consistent.
10.  Be a Big Sister.
11.  Be a great fiance, soon to be wifey!


  1. Don't get your hopes up re Scandal, that dynamic persists. I stopped watching partly due to that and because they whiplash the story line all over the place and seem to stop mid-plot and move on to something else.

    I'm glad your new years was better than your christmas, although since you spent it in bed in pain that says a lot about your christmas :)

    Will you write more about being vegan? How you came to that decision, how you deal with it in day to day life (getting invited over to some one else's house for dinner for example). I'm not vegan, not even truly vegetarian, but lean that way.

    1. Ugh, really - about Scandal? Like, WHYYYY do they have to kill it like that?

      And yes I would love to write about being vegan...I will try to start writing some posts about it. It's such a huge topic for me and there's so much to write about and a million different angles and I find myself trying to be all "polite" or not "offend" anyone so I haven't written as much as the old me would have. But it's near and dear to my heart and soul and always will be so I will write about it, thanks for asking :)