Monday, January 20, 2014

dinner and the death of Christmas.

Last night, after a day of some pleasant (breakfast at Flore - hello vegan chicken and waffles and country breakfast to share, hiking in Malibu overlooking the ocean on an isolated trail) and not-so-pleasant (our dog aka cross between wild tiger and great white shark and occasionally Mother Theresa acting psycho in the long car ride...) adventures, J and I made a really yummy Italian style dinner.  To go along with finishing Season 2 of Scandal of course.  (I am so over the freaking relationship between Olivia and Fitz by the way. And please retire the phrase 'leader of the free world'.)

We got a really yummy Spanish wine (ok, not Italian) that was seriously the best red wine I've had in a while. I discovered some vegan frozen ravioli at Whole Foods and brought home two different kinds- Spinach Florentine and Butternut Squash.  We went with spinach last night.  J was in charge of the marinara sauce, and she added some onions and garlic and salt.  I cooked some broccolini and we mixed it in with the sauce and ravioli.  I also made a big salad, the kind I usually make, with spinach and romaine (although I love arugula too) with celery, carrots and my dressing - I mix olive oil, squeeze lemon, poppyseed dressing, mustard and pepper.

Yeah, so, that was that.

I can't talk about the joys of dinner without mentioning the tragic activity that took place right before.  We took......we took......we (oh god this is hard!) TOOK OUR TREE DOWN.  Yes, I said it.  It's dead, it's gone, it's a mere memory.  It's dead body is upside down in our garbage bin outside.  I can't wash a dish without seeing it's pitiful legs sticking straight up at me.  What have we done????

I also just packed the Christmas decorations away.  As we recover and decide where to go from here, I will be sweeping, swiffering, deck cleaning, clothes folding - anything that will wash away my sins.  

Dear tree, Dearest Christmas, please come back next year.  Please forgive us. 

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