Saturday, May 10, 2014

put a ring on it or don't. either way is fine.

Apparently, everyone is "losing their bananas for peonies", according to Hitched Magazine.  Funny how you don't know things are "trends" until someone tells you..I've been drooling over them for months.  J got me this big, thick copy of Hitched magazine on my birthday because she knows I love to look at pretty, artsy looking things on pages and be a total girl.  I believe the magazine is Australian and it comes across more as an editorial-funky-art-wedding magazine than a regular magazine.  The cover was awesome and slightly dark and the whole book itself is art, really.  I don't know what you call the texture, but it's a rougher, thicker texture unlike a regular magazine.  I followed the creator on instagram and was contemplating emailing them asking if I could do any job-y thing for them from here in LA..Until one of their pages they wrote something about wearing animal print and fur.  Goodbye, hitched.  I got that sinking feeling of how-can-i-read-this-i-can't-believe-i-just-read-the-word-fur.  I just can't believe in this day and age the fashion industry, or anyone with any authority or audience whatsoever, is still acting like fur is okay.  (Which is why I despise Anna Wintour of Vogue)  You have a responsibility when you have power and you better use that shit for good.  Educate yourself.  ANYWAY.  I then got to a piece where the writer where the topic was "proposal without a ring?" and just the whole tone of the piece was drenched in WIC goo and I was unaware that was an issue? Don't people do that all the time?  Who cares if there is a ring or not...right? Once again, I realized how spoiled I have been by A Practical Wedding.  Thank god for sanity and heart in place of shallow-superior-complex bullshit.  

Let's get this straight: There is no one way to do things, ever.  If you want to propose with a diamond, lovely.  If you want to propose with a picture of a goat, perfect.  If you both start planning a wedding and there wasn't a "proposal", great!  It really bothers me the way weddings are sold.  As if they are all some package deal that everyone needs in order to have a special day.  I cringe to read some of these magazines.  You don't *need* any of that.  Your wedding will be special and wonderful because you are getting married. Period.  

If the goat idea sparked your fancy, feel free to print these suckers out and get on your knees (or remain standing):

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