Saturday, August 30, 2014

countdown to carolina

From J's Instagram on our last NC trip

I know I haven't written in awhile but that's because I've been busy starting my new (part time) job at my dream-organization, school classes, unwinding from the wedding and all the boxes(looking at them, saying we need to unpack them, and then doing something else), attempting to write thank you notes, walking the dog (takes up half my life), trying to keep the spouse happy, dreaming about leaves and boots, and remembering, oh yeah, I'm an actress and must do that at all costs.  Which is why I am SO excited that we are going on our last summer vacation of the year in 4 days! We're going to NC to hang out on the beach, in the country, and in my hometown and I cannot wait to hear the ocean when I wake up in the morning and to be in swimmable water finally! (Sorry West Coast, but it ain't a beach if its too cold to swim with ease).  My mom is throwing a post-wedding cocktail hour reception thing too.  I cannot wait for green grass, thunderstorms, sweet tea, nice people, front porches…

When we get back, I expect Los Angeles to be in full fall-mode.  I want leaves, I want people shivering and rushing inside coffee shops, I want lots of Placebo playing, I want it all.

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