Saturday, December 7, 2013

happy saturday

That's right, it's a happy Saturday because I woke up to rain (okay, drizzle...well, some drips) this morning!  I'm only happy when it rains! I'm only happy when it's complicated!  I usually get antsy if I stay inside all day - unless, like this glorious day, it's raining and freezing in LA!  I saw my breath!!!  Taking the dog out was like a magic show... watching magic fog come from my mouth on every inhale and exhale...It was wonderful.  I rejoiced in the pep in my puppy's step as she too noticed the excitement in the winter storm.  It's rare that the significant other and I have two days in row off together and we have it weekend which is awesome..I've had studying to do so while I did that today she assembled things like shelves and put them up.  I made sandwiches.  The puppy slept in my lap on the couch (I've been told she is developing bad habits but its rare in her teenage days that she wants to shower me affection so if baby wants to cuddle, baby gets to cuddle).

Tonight we are cooking dinner, drinking wine, listening to the Nutcracker, putting up some decorations and trying to survive this winter storm.

Tomorrow we have Christmas-y things to go to (and no alarm clock to set!!) and then it's Monday- the day where one of my bridesmaids is getting here for a week of bridal salon appointments! Hashtag life is good. (Ewwwww did I just do that??? Yes I did!)

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  1. I love posts that are pretty and warm and cozy and still give glimpses into the author's life. Sounds like it was a good Saturday :)