Monday, July 14, 2014

the chosen one

The past two weeks have been full of lots of things.

 Right now I'm wearing a side bun and blue pumps so you know things are getting serious.  I have jury duty tomorrow, that's right - all those hours of watching Dateline, 48 Hour Mystery, and IDHD are finally paying off.  The dinner table conversation about my dad's clients growing up.  Scandal.  Orange is the New Black.  It's all happening people.  I'm preparing for a lot of nodding, throat clearing, and trying to block out the fact that tomorrow morning might involve an elevator.  I am even thinking of "picking up" a coffee (SANS a bagel) before I report to the courthouse.  And maybe a few hours later I will say something like, "I haven't eaten all day!" as I become the girl from The Killing and get a bag of chips from the vending machine.  I think this will be really great for me, I am clearly qualified for the job, but I'm just hoping they don't think I'm a better fit for prison instead of juror.  I hope they think I'm good.

This weekend was also J's birthday weekend and I made vegan, gluten-free key lime pie bars.  They were awesome.  If I was cool enough, and on top of it, I would have taken cute pictures along the way to post here and describe the journey from canvas grocery bag to charming glass container "chilling" in the fridge.  You would see just why those oats were so old fashioned.  Maybe I'll try to post a picture of the end result…not that you're going to, what, hunt for the recipe and make them yourself because the picture is just THAT good?  But they were awesome, like good enough for a restaurant if you ask me, J, and the people at her work.

We tried out this gorgeous yummy candlelit (i am aware of the lack of comma there) Italian restaurant for her birthday dinner which we had never been too.  The wine- holy shit- wine I've had in a long time.  And I got spaghetti with gluten free pasta, and the bread, oh the bread with the dips and the oils….and we had a salad of fennel, arugula, pine nuts, and pear. I felt so Carolyn Bessette in that one picture:

This blogpost was brought to you by waiting on my spouse to get home from work so we can finally get dinner and the rude eyes the bag of Salt & Vinegar chips inside the cabinet is making at me.  Don't worry, I will most certainly be back to update on what life is like behind bars, in the system, jury duty whatever.


  1. hey! I clicked over to your blog through APW (this is Aj, the girl who got married at Golden Road). vegan beer drinking same sex couples in LA....I thought I knew them all :) how do we not know each other?

    1. Hiii! Well, I have embarassingly known You for awhile! I think I saw "queerveganrunner" on quarrygirl's instagram and had to click on it. :) So I've been following your life for awhile…in a non creepy sort of way.