Tuesday, February 18, 2014

back from boulder!

Okay, so I am fighting a nap right now as I write this - for some reason I'm resisting lying down for fifteen minutes.

We were just in Boulder, CO for wedding meetings and to have a slice of winter for Buddha's sake.  There was beautiful snow on the ground, I squealed when we first got out of the car...I miss winter so much.  We flew Southwest from Burbank to Denver and seriously it's the best way to fly.  I didn't know I loved Southwest.  We left early in the morning (the way I like it - sun carries less of a *doom* feeling) and the pilot was joking and making everyone laugh as we boarded.  Our flight was less than half full so there was a ton of space.  I wish every flight was like that.

We arrived to this:

I have always dreamed of a winter wedding...with snow on the ground, lots of sparkles and glitter on the clothes...hot chocolate...spiked warm drinks..fireplaces...mmm.  Oh well, spring will have to do.

Our cabin:

The Dining Hall, where our reception will be :

We're both getting so excited now.  Walking around the cabins, imagining everyone living in this little wedding village..It's kind of like my dream Washington state wedding that I always wanted - but in Colorado.  We really lucked out with our vendors too.  We met with our photographer Jamie, who is a young married who just had a baby girl.  I love meeting other girls around my age at my stage of life - it's very empowering.  I found her through APW, so I obviously trust her, and we got a discount :)

We also met the new event coordinator at the Dining Hall who is lovely, and had a heavenly food tasting.  Seriously I am so excited about the food. Food is my favorite part of being alive (and maybe Nirvana too). Sooooo excited about the food.  I'm not going to post our menu details till after wedding, but there's a Southern influence and it's all vegan except for a fish option in the entree and a seafood appetizer.  Very grateful to have a supportive spouse to be ;)

We met our officiant, Carolyn Carpenter, and she is divine.  We found her on a whim through the internet and luckily we totally clicked.  She sent us so much information on different rituals from various cultures and ceremony ideas- I can't wait to start planning the ceremony.  

J gets all the credit for finding a great planner for us - Katie James of Little Bird Celebrations, who actually was born in J's hometown.  

It takes such a load off to feel like you have other people on your team that know what they are doing.  It's not just us anymore.  

Lots of J's best friends from her college family still live in Boulder so we spent lots of time meeting up with them.   One of the things I am looking forward to the most is all of our friends and families meeting and our worlds finally colliding!

Valentines breakfast:

Out & About

We also got our rehearsal dinner location squared away.  Checked a lot off our list!  Now we should actually think about ordering those invitations, geez.  I was wishing we could stay another week...I was daydreaming about an alternate reality where we could live there and we could breathe fresh air everyday and sit in creeks...sigh.

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