Saturday, November 16, 2013

'it gets dark so early now'

 *bonus points for anyone who knows where that line is from.

It's officially Christmas time - yes, before Thanksgiving, thank you very much radio!  The days are short and the lines will be getting long...I kind of can't contain my excitement for the holiday season and am proud to say I have saved our Iowa Pine Mrs. Meyer's hand soap from last year - I just can't let Christmas go.

Here are some of my favorite (oh so consumer blah blah) things that I am either wanting or obsessed with or will never let go of:

Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine cleaning products:

Kate Ellen Metals jewelry - ANYTHING that she makes...

(photo credit - her website!)

I was lucky enough to meet Kate when I modeled for her three years ago.  She's awesome and an inspiration as a female artist.  

This Closet Romantic Sgt. Pepper jacket.  I have been in love with it for two years now and can't find it anywhere - other than in the closet of my future mother in law...

This wall art from Scott Coppersmith Designs.  I want this sooo badly.  We met him at a street fair about a year ago and I've been holding onto the card ever since.  

Art from Phoebe Anderson - I met this girl at the yoga studio I work at.  She was carrying around some of her paintings and I asked for her info.  She has some awesome portraits of puppies and kitties too...and I often dream of a huge painting of Starbelly on our walls...

My lovely friend McLean McGown is  yoga teacher, mommy, nutritionist, and now Pangea Organics Queen - we order our Pangea from her and next up to try is their Balancing Facial Oil for my breakouts.

My honey's clothing brand Californiamor features organic materials and the highest quality screen-printing. Great for holiday gifts!  My favorite is the three-quarter baseball tee :)  They are californiadorable. 

That's all for now...overdosing on coffee and MSNBC...

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