Sunday, July 14, 2013

Downtown Date

This past Thursday we had a little downtown date day.  It was overcast, really muggy, and I just might have gained some freckles in doing this- but we went to the two downtown locations of the Museum of Contemporary Art.  I felt like we were on vacation, in Paris or something, because we never really spend the day strolling around downtown and seeing museums.  Do you like how I used the word "strolling"?  That word becomes a part of your vocabulary the more you go to museums and wear big girl jewelry.  And make those emphatic throat sounds while someone else is talking.  We also had lunch at this lovely place called The Sandwich Smith.  It was amazing, and we had the sweetest hostess girl ever, who noticed my Bride to Be shirt and asked if she could give us a hug.  She then gave us a free sandwich and two free cookies..

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